Carbon Steel Laser Cutting

Few metals exhibit the same kind of strength and impact resistance that Low Carbon Steel does. Similarly, few Carbon Steel Laser Cutting companies showcase the strength of character and quick, accurate, efficient workmanship that Camp Manufacturing does. We can laser cut low carbon steel plates as thick as a full inch, and as small as you could possibly imagine. We utilize fiber optics laser cutting for much of our Low Carbon Steel, but we also specialize in Press Braking, and Metal Forming. We can cut Carbon Steel from bigger and thicker raw materials than any regional competitor, and we can form your Carbon Steel Parts faster, more accurately, and more affordably than you could have them made anywhere else, including your own facility! We have the ability to completely manufacture your custom metal parts and equipment completely to your specifications, whether you want completely finished product, or parts that are ready for your in-house fabricators to finish.

Camp Manufacturing has well over 30 years of successful industry experience in making custom metal parts and materials from Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel, and many other raw metals. Technically, any steel made with 2.1% of carbon or less is considered Carbon Steel, with certain other elemental qualifications. Inside the metal fabrication industry, almost any steel that is not technically stainless steel will be tossed around as Carbon Steel. Camp Manufacturing knows how to handle whatever your company needs, and we have the ability to cut a wider variety of Carbon Steel raw materials than any other Carbon Steel Laser Cutting company around. We can start with larger steels slabs and thicker steel slabs than any other regional competitor. We can use fiber optics laser cutting to cut your carbon steel parts 24/7 in the case of an emergency rush order. We can get your custom metal parts cut, formed, and at your doorstep in no time. Call our experts today, and see what we can do for your bottom line!