Custom Machined Parts

For over 30 years, Camp Manufacturing has been making custom machined parts at the highest level for the replacement parts industry. With the capabilities to create OEM parts and replacement parts with the tightest standard deviation around, we have the abilities and willingness to provide custom machined parts for the Automotive Industry, Agricultural Industry, Heavy Equipment Industry, Medical Equipment Industry, Power Tools Industry, Appliance Industry, and any other industry that needs precision metal parts quickly and efficiently. Our abilities with fiber laser cutting, Press Braking, Metal Forming, and more allow us the opportunity to handle all or part of your parts making needs. If you need Custom Machined Parts that are ready to put in the package and sell to consumers as Replacement Parts, we can handle that. If you want metal parts laser cut and formed to your unique specifications, we can handle that too. See what Camp Manufacturing can do for you!

Custom Machined Parts The professionals from Camp Manufacturing specialize in diversity when it comes to laser cutting and metal forming. We can cut your parts from sheets as big as 6ft x 14 ft, and we can cut them as small or as large as you need. We can create Custom Machined Parts from a variety of metals, including stainless steel, steel alloys, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, exotic metals, and so much more. The possibilities of getting your custom-built replacement parts from Camp Manufacturing are endless! We have the skills, experience, tools, brains, and willingness to handle any part of your next parts making project. We are your partner in the replacement parts manufacturing industry. Call or contact our experts today, and watch your profits grow.