Laser Metal Cutting Service

Laser Metal Cutting Service For over 30 years, the Camp Manufacturing family has been a frontrunner in the Metal Parts Fabrication industry. Whether folks need Automotive Parts, Heavy Machinery Parts, Architectural Panels, or other high-quality metal parts, our professionals have always come through for our clients in the best manner possible. To accomplish our client’s goals, we have always employed the best and most gifted technicians we can find, continued their training and advancement to the highest level, and given them the very best tools available. When you walk through the corridors of Camp Manufacturing, you will see nothing but the very best equipment of any local or regional Laser Metal Cutting Service. Our Industrial Metal Fabrication equipment is quite impressive, to say the least. Without our people, even the best equipment available would fall short of our client’s goals. But when you combine the best metalworking technicians with the best Laser Cutting and Metal Forming equipment available, you get Camp Manufacturing’s high level of service. The possibilities are just about limitless!

For Laser Cutting Equipment, we employ Fiber Optic Lasers of the highest quality.

Amada LCB 4020 AJ Fiber Laser

  • 24/7 Laser Cutting ability available
  • 160” x 80” Max sheet size
  • 3-4x more efficient than previous leader
  • 3,500 lbs Max material weight
  • Simultaneous X, Y, & Z axis control
  • +/- 0.0002” Repeatability available
  • +/- 2% Power stability for accurate cutting
  • Increased Sensing Speed for faster cutting
  • Excellent for Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium
  • AMNC 3i Control w/ upgraded processor
  • Faster, Better, more Accurate

ENSIS 3015 Fiber Optic Laser with ASLUL 4020 Compact Tower

  • Reliable, Efficient, Flexible machinery
  • Outstanding and Versatile Cutting
  • Excellent for thickest material
  • Flying Optic Laser Cutting Machine
  • High quality, high speed production
  • High performance oscillator for added consistency
  • Great for Architectural Panels
  • Automated Processing Available

For Metal Forming, we use only the very best Press Braking equipment.

Amada HG 2204 Press Brake

  • 169.3” max bend length
  • Faster Cycle Times
  • 6-axis Backguage
  • L-axis for tapered bends
  • +/- 0.0004” repeatability
  • Open Height of 20.5”
  • Stroke height of 9.8”
  • Lower cost per part
  • Higher precision metal forming

While Laser Cutting and Metal Forming is some of the most sophisticated services we can offer our clients, we have an entire industrial warehouse filled with useful and important metal fabrication equipment, including everything you need for drilling, plating, welding, blasting, machining, finishing, automated processing, and so much more. If you’d like to see what Camp Manufacturing can do for you, the possibilities are endless. Give us a call, or contact us today, and let’s get started on helping your business succeed like never before!