Laser Metal Cutting

The Camp Manufacturing family legacy of making Heavy Equipment parts goes back over 30 years. Today, we are able to successfully accomplish most of our Heavy Equipment Parts Manufacturing through advanced Laser Metal Cutting and Metal Forming practices. Though the tools and methods may have changed in the last 30+ years, the commitment to excellence has remained the same. We have the ability and flexibility to handle any part of your parts making practices, according to your scope, budget, and your own in-house needs and abilities. If you need our entire skillset to manufacture your parts completely, we have the willingness and ability to do that. If you just need to utilize our burn, bend, and send services, we are happy to offer those services as well. We succeed by helping your company succeed. It’s how we’ve gained a regional and national reputation in the Laser Metal Cutting industry.

Custom Heavy Equipment Parts for Your Industrial Part Needs – Camp Manufacturing

Laser Metal Cutting From heavy machinery and OEM replacement parts to architectural panels, automotive parts, agricultural parts and more, Camp Manufacturing offers capabilities that are better than the industry standard in every possible way. We can make your heavy machinery parts bigger, beginning with laser metal cutting from steel plates up to 6ft wide and 14ft long (72”x168”). We can make your parts from thicker steel than other manufacturers. We have the engineering chops to utilize, modify, or completely create your part specs with Prototype LC software. We can make your parts better, with standard tolerances ranging from +/- .005” to +/- .001”. We are also listed as an active transport operator, meaning we can also ship your parts directly to you from our warehouse, instead of relying on 3rd party transporters. We can make any Heavy Equipment part you need, and make it quicker, better, and cheaper than any other industrial parts manufacturers in the country. See what we can do for you!