Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

People often forget how important that high-quality Architectural Panels are for folks inside the Construction Industry, among other industries. For over 30 years, Camp Manufacturing has been a top provider of custom metal Architectural Panels, supplying General Contractors for direct usage, and supplying panel manufacturers with the precision sheet metal fabrication they need to produce user-ready architectural panels. Important for metal walls, roofing systems, and more, Architectural Panels are much more than just big slabs of steel. They are utilized inside the construction of concealed fastening walls systems, exposed fastening wall systems, interior wall panels, insulated wall panels, roofing panels, and so much more. And when the industry needs custom Metal Architectural Panels manufactured quickly, accurately, efficiently, and affordably, they turn to Camp Manufacturing.

When you need custom metal Architectural Panels, you need them to be made from the highest quality raw materials. You need them to be laser cut and formed to your exact specifications. You need them cut and formed to fit even the tightest of standard deviation codes. You need them cut, formed, and sent as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need the highest level of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication in the entire Southeastern United States, you need the professionals from Camp Manufacturing. We utilize Fiber Optic Laser Cutting practices, as well as Press Braking, Metal Forming, Metal Fabrication, and any other manufacturing ability we have to create Architectural Panels of the utmost quality. We can laser cut steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, alloys, or any other type of metal you need. With the ability to cut raw sheets as large as 6ft x 14ft, we can make bigger, better Architectural Panels than any other regional competitor. See what Camp Manufacturing can do for you!