Laser Cutting Services

With more than 30 years of successful experience in the metal parts manufacturing industry, Camp Manufacturing has everything that your business needs, under one roof. Companies all over the Southeastern U.S. and throughout the United States have experienced our advanced Laser Cutting Services, including Fiber Optics Laser Cutting, Precision Laser Cutting, Metal Forming, Automated Processing, Machining, and more. We offer our Precision Laser Cutting Services to those who supply materials for the entire parts manufacturing industry. We can make your custom metal parts for you and have them at your doorstep quicker, better, and more accurately than if you had tried to make them yourself. If you need to keep your machinists and fabricators steady with plenty of high-quality metal parts, we can be your one-stop-shop for success. For as much or as little of your parts manufacturing process as you need us, Camp Manufacturing is here for you!

sparks flying as a machine uses laser to cut into a thick piece of metal Our primary Laser Cutting Services involve the skilled utilization of Fiber Optics Laser Cutting. With the skill and experience of our laser cutting experts, Camp Manufacturing is able to produce precision metal parts quickly, efficiently, and more accurately than any other local competitor. If you need custom metal parts, you just can’t beat the precision laser cutting services from Camp Manufacturing.

  • Standard tolerances +/- .005” or as low as +/- .001”
  • Can cut steel plates up to 6ft wide and 14ft long (72” x 168”)
  • Precision Laser Cutting for Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Alloys, and more
  • Fast, accurate turnaround compared to any other regional competitor
  • OEM Parts, Automotive Parts, Heavy Machinery, Architectural Panels, and more