Metal Fabricating

large pieces of metal laying on wood. One of the most exciting windows of opportunity for your company is one that our founder, Steve Camp, refers to as “Burn, Bend and Send.” Basically, this represents our ability to manufacture your custom metal parts from raw materials through advanced laser cutting technology, and shape them to specification with our metal forming skillset. We have enhanced our metal fabricating prowess to the point where we can make your metal parts for you, and have them at your doorstep quicker, cheaper, and better than if you had made them for yourself. Business owners know how important it is to keep workflow steady. Owners also know how important it is to improve the bottom line. The Burn, Bend, and Send abilities of Camp Manufacturing allow business owners and representatives to accomplish both of those at once. See what Burn, Bend and Send from Camp Manufacturing can do for you!


Using Fiber Optics Laser Cutting, as well as CO2 Laser Cutting, we have the ability and the flexibility to laser cut your custom metal parts in bulk quantities from larger metal sheets (6ft x 14ft), for longer periods of time (24/7 if necessary), at more accurate standard tolerances (+/- .005” or as low as +/- .001”) than any other regional competitor.


With our experience in Press Braking and all other necessary forms of Metal Fabricating, we can handle as much or as little of your Metal Forming process as you deem necessary. We utilize an Amada HG2204 Press Brake to give a high yield of full range bend lengths and material thickness capabilities. We have everything you need to make your project a success.


What other laser cutting and metal forming company do you know that is also designated officially as an active transport operator? Camp Manufacturing has a long list of capabilities, skills, and experience that we can offer to you and your business. Want to get your parts cut, formed, and at your doorstep in no time? Call the Burn, Bend, and Send guys from Camp Manufacturing!